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Millions of people suffer from knee osteoarthritis over the world, that might have an impact on their activities of daily living.

Total Knee Arthroplasty is today a commonly performed orthopedic surgery, still improvable.

We believe that robotic-assisted surgery empower surgeons to perform knee replacement procedures ever more accurately and reliably.

About Us

Kat Robotics is a startup company specializing in research and development of a medical device in the field of surgical robotics of total knee arthroplasty.
Our aim is to provide knee surgeons a precise and repeatable surgical procedure using innovative technologies.
The team at Kat Robotics is highly skilled in surgical robotics, navigation and knee surgery.
We are supported by an R&D partner and hosted within Haventure, a startup factory in the Grenoble area – where robotics surgery was pioneered in the 1980s.

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